4 Tips for Staying Healthy On-the-Go

Life is busy. I mean obviously, right? We rush from the gym to class to jobs to organizations to study groups. Or if you’re out of school, you rush from jobs to social activities to the gym, etc. It’s part of life, we get in our routine and we go, go, go. But sometimes in the middle of all that “going” we lose sight of our healthy mindset. We decide it’s too difficult to keep our healthy habits up and we opt for throwing in the towel. It can be frustrating, but sadly, it may seem like the only option.

Well, I’m here to tell you, it’s NOT! Just because you’re busy, doesn’t mean you have to give up your healthy lifestyle. If being healthy is a priority for you, you can and will make the time and effort for it. Small adjustments and things here and there can make a big difference! So, here are 4 tips for staying healthy on the go!

  1. Meal Prep

When most people think”meal prep” they probably picture those intense bodybuilders with fridges loaded with stacked containers everywhere. But, it’s not just for those intensely watching their food intake; meal prep can be for anyone who is busy or doesn’t always have a lot of time during the week to cook (relate, anyone?). Just spending about 2 hours on Saturday or Sunday to plan, shop and prepare your meals for the week saves a lot of stress and chaos later on. For example, if you’re always rushing around in the morning and never have time to pack a lunch other than a bar and bag of chips, cook up some chicken, broccoli and rice to have ready in a tupperware to grab-and-go. You can even prep breakfast by making overnight or crockpot oats or freezer breakfast sandwiches. Having ready to go meals that you can grab out the door to work, class, or your other activities can save time, hassle, and your healthy lifestyle!

2. Pack Healthy Snacks

There’s nothing worse than hitting that afternoon slump, needing energy to get through one more meeting or class, and running to the vending machine for a candy bar that will soon leave you in the crash-zone. One way to ensure you maintain healthy eating during your busy day (and bypass the aforementioned event) is to always have healthy snack options in your desk, purse, backpack, car, etc. This can consist of different things for different people, but here are some of my general recommendations. Trail mix, mixed nuts, fruit (apple, banana, orange, etc.), snack bars, but make sure you read the label and ingredients for added sugars (my favorites are Larabars), whole-wheat crackers or pretzels, and protein bars. Again check the label/ingredients because some protein bars are so processed and filled with sugar they are just as bad as a candy bar. My favorite protein bars that I have found that taste great, are good for you, and limit unhealthy ingredients are RXBars and Oatmega bars.

3. Pack a Water Bottle

This one is so important, especially during the hot months. Staying hydrated is a key part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I suggest getting a refillable bottle such as a camel back so that you are able to keep refilling it. Most places whether that be school, offices, public buildings, etc. have water fountains, and many even have the water bottle fill-up station there too. Oftentimes people think they are hungry and inhale lots of food, when really they are just thirsty. So make sure you not only pack a full water bottle, but that you drink it and constantly re-fill it throughout your day!

4. Know that You Can Find Healthy Places

Lastly, I know that even the most planned, prepped, trained people out there occasionally run into unforeseen situations that they aren’t prepared for. A last-minute meeting, an extra study session, car breaks down, etc. In these situations, if you haven’t prepared food for it sometimes you have to make a quick stop to grab something to eat. However, that does not give you the green light to throw in and grab 3 fries and a large shake. Know that you can always find healthier fast-ish food, such as Subway, Panera or Mccallisters. But even at other fast-food places there are healthier options such as Panda Express (brown rice, steamed rice, mixed veggies, broccoli beef, string bean chicken, etc.) or Chick Fil A (Grilled nuggets, side of fruit, salads). Don’t stress out if your meal plan gets a little messed up, just be aware of your healthier options and make those better decisions!

So, there you have it! Being healthy on-the-go doesn’t have to be stressful or impossible with a little planning and prepping! What are some of your tips you use to maintain your healthy lifestyle while being so busy? Share below!

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