6 Reasons You Should Love Your Body

So today I wanted to write a little bit on a serious topic that is close to me and very important: I wanted to share my thoughts on body image. I’ll try to keep it short, but I do have a lot to say on this topic. I have a basic message that I want everyone, everywhere to hear and soak up. I want you to love your body no matter what.

Body image is defined as the subjective picture or mental image of one’s own body. Having a positive body image means that you see yourself accurately and generally feel comfortable in your own skin. Now, of course, there will be times when you’re more bloated, a little less tone, or simply you just don’t like your body. That’s okay, it’s bound to happen. It becomes a problem when instead of a positive body image with a few bad days, you have a complete and total negative body image. Negative body image means that you have a distorted perception of your body, that you constantly and consistently dislike it and see your appearance: your size, shape, features, etc., differently than they actually are. This can lead to things such as depression, isolation, and eating disorders.

In today’s society, body image and insecurity unfortunately have become common. With social media, people can easily compare themselves and their bodies to others and then hate themselves.And it shouldn’t be that way. We should be able to appreciate other people’s bodies and what they have and have worked for, while still loving our own. Trust me when I say I know it is easier said than done, but here are 6 reasons why you should love your body

1. Your body is unique

There is no one out there whose body is exactly like yours–you’re like a snowflake, unique and special. So why would you hate a one-of-a-kind thing? Love your body, flaws and all, because it’s what makes you, well, YOU. Being yourself and loving what you have makes up your life and your personality and you should love everything you have because no one else has it. Treasure your body for that reason.

2. For everything it does for you

When you stop and think about it, your body does a lot for you. It sleeps, wakes you up, keeps your heart beating, let’s you eat and move and do the things you love. It keeps you healthy and allows you to experience whole new things. Often we are so wrapped up in what’s wrong with our bodies that we don’t see what’s right about them: they allow us to live! And they’re the only ones we get (plastic surgery aside), the only places we have to live in for the duration of our lives. By hating it and treating it poorly, you’re affecting your whole life because you aren’t appreciating your body for everything it has, can, and will do for you!

3. No such thing as the perfect body

Sure Hollywood and Social Media have conjured up this “ideal body”, but in reality, there is no such thing as the perfect body. Everyone is different, and “ideal” for one may not be the same for someone else. Some people want skinny, some want muscle, some want both, etc. The point is that it is impossible to please everyone which is why you should stop trying and focus on you. Don’t hate it just because it’s not perfect, because guess what? No body is.

4. Your life won’t be different with a different body

I know so many people think if I can just lose “x” amount of weight, or just tone my muscle up or just get to looking like this that my life will change and be great and all my problems will go away. But, the truth is, your life won’t be different with a different body. Trust me, I’ve been there. And once I got down to the weight I wanted, I still wasn’t happy. I still disliked what I saw…nothing had changed! Don’t wait to love your body until you have reached a certain level or goal. Instead, find a way to love your body–the way it is–at all times. Change your mindset towards your body, and that is what’ll change your life.

5. Life is meant to be enjoyed

Life is meant to be enjoyed…not spent worrying about your body and spending your time and energy hating it! Life is too short to be consumed in something like body image, especially because looks are fleeting and impermanent. Again, I struggle with this so I understand it’s hard, but that’s why I want to help everyone. Life is meant for moments like a celebratory dinner out, staying out late with good friends and maybe skipping your morning workout, treating yourself to ice cream. If you’re consumed with hating your body, you cannot enjoy life. Embrace your body and go out and experience life, living it to the fullest!

6. You are enough

This last one is so, so, so important. You and your body are enough, exactly the way you are! You are beautiful and special, and deserve to treat yourself kindly! Your flaws and imperfections are what you make you unique, beautiful, and perfect! And don’t let anyone tell you differently! Your body is so incredibly amazing and a gift, so don’t go around wasting it and hating on it. So open up, let go of the negative thoughts and just let yourself be…well, enough. If you want more inspiration, check out this video that teaches us why we should love our flaws.

While I mentioned there will be times when you just don’t feel and look your best, it’s important, even in those times, to love your body for everything it is. To love your body, flaws and all. Because at the end of the day, your body is all you have, it’s who you are. And loving it will make the world of difference in seeing yourself as you truly are: Beyoutifully Healthy.

What are your thoughts on body image? I would love to hear them either by commenting below or emailing me!

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