Weightlifting Part 5: Tips for Maintaining

Once you get started lifting, you may never want to stop! However, there are times when life gets busy and chaotic and you may start to reconsider your workout plan. I get it, keeping any kind of plan, working out or not, can be difficult, especially if progress is slow (let me just say: goals … Continue reading “Weightlifting Part 5: Tips for Maintaining”

Weightlifting Part 4: How to Get Started

So now that you hopefully have learned some things about lifting, it’s time to get you started! If you remember from my story, I got started just from being an athlete. Maybe you used to be an athlete and you want to get back into lifting. Or maybe you have no experience and that’s okay … Continue reading “Weightlifting Part 4: How to Get Started”

Weightlifting Part 3: Routines: How to Find Yours

Okay, so now that you’ve hopefully learned some new things about weightlifting, and you’re thinking maybe I could give it a shot, it’s time to pick a routine style! And if you’re freaking out thinking what, I have to pick a type/style now, don’t worry. I’m going to go through the different ones here and tips … Continue reading “Weightlifting Part 3: Routines: How to Find Yours”

Weightlifting Part 2: The Truth Behind Lifting

Okay, so the first thing I want to address in this second part is 5 common myths that just simply ARE NOT TRUE about weightlifting. (Here is the first part in this series if you missed it!) It’s important that these myths are discussed and debunked, because quite honestly, some women (and men) might be … Continue reading “Weightlifting Part 2: The Truth Behind Lifting”