Fall/Winter Bucket List Update #1

As break comes to an end, I figured I would blog about some of the items that I have completed from my Fall/Winter Bucket List! Sadly, I haven’t done as much from the list as I would’ve liked, but there is still plenty of time for me to do so in the coming months…and you too! This list has helped me create plans for fun things to do on weekends, and I have really enjoyed these activities.

  1. The first thing from my list was going to watch the sunrise at White Rock Lake on October 22. My friend and I got up at 6 and left our apartment at 6:30 a.m. Now, is this early? By all means yes. Was it completely worth it? Yes times a million! White Rock Lake made it very easy to find and get down to the lake to park and be where we wanted. We arrived and sat ourselves down at a picnic table just as the sun was peeking into the sky–there was faint light, but still no actual sun on the horizon yet. I had made myself apple pie oatmeal before we left, and put it into a tupperware to eat while watching the sunrise. It was just the perfect thing because it was bit nippy and chilly out near the lake at 7:15 am!

Finally, the sun started appearing on the horizon and it was beautiful! I tried to spend as little time capturing it on my phone because I wanted to be there, experiencing it in the moment instead of plastered behind my screen. But, I still managed to get some magnificent pictures. (*These are emailed from my iPhone, so perhaps not the best quality, but still pretty good!)





I loved watching the sun move across the sky and feel the increasing warmth. It really made me feel small and remember to be grateful and enjoy the little things in life. Definitely an experience worth having!

2. The second thing I did was going to a goat cheese farm in Flower Mound, TX (I substituted this for the Japanese Gardens on my list). It’s called Latte Da Dairy and it has open house only twice a year, once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Now, I know Flower Mound may not be super close to you, but if you get the chance to swing by here on one of their days (check their website: http://www.lattedadairy.com/) I would highly suggest it! It was an open farm that you could walk around and look at the goats and the aspects of the farm. There are free tours of the building where the goat cheese is made with an explanation of how exactly it is made. I never knew any of this, so to me it was really interesting!

There are also little booths where people will sell their homemade items such as jams/jellies, produce, tamales, cookies, etc. The best part is that the dairy farm sells their cheese and has FREE SAMPLES! All of the cheeses I tasted (too many to count) were amazing and we ended up buying some gouda and cabra. If you love cheese, or just want something fun and new to do, then consider driving out to Flower  Mound for this farm. The goats were also pretty cool and silly:







3. Last, but not least, I went to the Dallas Farmer’s Market–probably the most exciting one. Like I mentioned before, there is just something about Farmer’s Markets that make me happy and that I absolutely love! It just feels very natural and healthy and cool to see all these things people produce and sell. The Dallas Farmers Market has two areas, The Shed (usually open earlier) and The Market. The Shed is where the sellers’ tables/tents are lined up under a pavilion and you are free to roam around. We went on New Years Eve so a) it was winter and obviously not a lot of produce and b) there were fewer vendors than normal. But it was still great! We bought some homemade linguine–basil pesto and roasted garlic flavors (but there was even a dark chocolate flavor!)–and granola.





The Market is where the inside stores and cafes/restaurants are. The building itself was open, but there was only a coffee shop open inside when we were there. We still got to walk around inside of it, and it really did look neat. I’m planning to go back sometime this Spring and check it out, and buy some produce.

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