Fall/Winter Bucket List

I was sitting in my room the other day, thinking about the fact that I have lived in the DFW area for 11 years now and have been at a school very close to Dallas for a year and still haven’t done much exploring of the area. I decided that this needed to change this year, starting now! And as Fall is upon us–although the weather is certainly taking its slow time catching up–and winter is nearing, it’s the perfect time for fun and festivities. So what did I do? I decided to make a Fall/Winter  bucket list for this year. Yeah, yeah I know bucket lists are generally for things you want to do before you die, which I guess technically includes this list, I just want to do them in a much shorter time frame. Especially since during Fall and Winter and when it gets colder, you tend to not go outside and do stuff as much and feel trapped being cooped up (maybe this is just me). So…I figured this was the perfect time to force myself to go out and do things!

I also thought this would be a great blog series to share with y’all! For the most part, I will wait until I have a done a couple of items off the list to write–so that the post is more interesting and filled with adventure. This first one is the exception of course. Here I will explain what is on my list. My hope is that my list will give you some fun suggestions as well as inspire you to go out and find your own adventures. Life is about living in the moment and exploring the areas around you…you never know what you’ll find!


 Dallas Farmer’s Market

  • There’s something about Fall and Farmer’s Markets that seem to go hand-in-hand. Maybe it’s the fresh produce options, walking past the tents in that perfect weather or just the atmosphere of it all. No matter the reason, the Dallas Farmer’s Market is a spot I want to hit up one cool, crisp Fall or Winter morning.

Yoga at Klyde Warren Park

  • Part of my become healthier initiative is to do more Yoga–not only to become more flexible, but also to build up my muscle and become in-tune with my body and its abilities. Instead of paying for a class, why not spend a Saturday morning out in nature practicing yoga for free? I thought it was at least worth the try and this was the perfect opportunity.

The Wild Detectives

  • I found this place when searching for top things to do in Dallas. It’s a coffee shop/bar/bookstore all crammed into one cozy space. Bring your own book or rent/buy one off their shelves, find yourself a spot, and then sit and read all afternoon…that’s my kind of day! This will be especially inviting as the weather gets colder!

Walk the Continental Avenue Bridge

  • If you’ve been to or seen Dallas, you’ve most likely seen this huge, awesome-looking white arched bridge! When the weather gets nice, this is a great spot to get some exercise or just enjoy the outdoors by taking a walk across it. They have exercise classes there, but I think a leisurely stroll as I soak up the sunshine sounds pretty great to me!

Watch the sunrise at White Rock Lake

  • Watching the sunrise/sunset is something that is always on any list of mine. It’s a great reminder of the beauty of this world and makes you just feel small in the presence of God and his masterpieces. White Rock Lake seems like one of the best nature areas close by and research confirmed this to be true. It may involve early mornings, but it’ll be worth it!

Bishop Arts District

  • Something about cute little down-town areas with shops and restaurants gets me…no matter where it is, it always does! I’ve seen picture of this area and I really want to spend an afternoon/evening there with friends. Good food, good friends, good surroundings, good time!

Breakfast in Deep Ellum

  • I love going out to breakfast, somehow it always tastes better. I know there are great options of restaurants and little cafes in Deep Ellum that I am excited to check out.

Katy Trail

  • Katy Trail is a historic trail that is built on an old railroad line. The paths are lined with blooming nature that are sure to make for great views! Whether visiting this trail means running or walking, I bet I am in for a relaxing, beautiful time!


  • The arboretum is an iconic spot to visit in Dallas, especially during “Autumn at the Arboretum”. I think this would surely get me in the Fall festivities mood even when the weather is correctly cooperating (hello 85 degree weather at the end of October).

Glazed Donut Works

  • My dad suggested this one as he saw that this place is world-famous in a magazine. The shop is famous for their crazy, unique flavors and combinations such as Samoa Girl Scout Cookie, Smores, Red Velvet…you get the idea. Any world-famous place seems worthy of being on a bucket list, especially if it’s donuts. Plus I haven’t had a donut in a really long time either so this is surely to be an enjoyed treat.

Emporium Pies

  • I love pie, it is seriously my weakness. I have heard from many different people just how amazing the pies here are, so I CANNOT wait any longer to go here. I saw on their menu they have a deep dish apple and a bourbon pecan. I mean c’mon that practically screams fall!! So is this the healthiest thing on my list…definitely not. But will I enjoy every single bite of my one slice  slices…heck yes I will.

Japanese Gardens at Fort Worth Botanical Gardens

  • Lastly, this is one my dad also suggested. Apparently they have a really cool and neat Fall festival that I’ll be going to in the next few weeks. There are bound to be beautiful l views and fun activities for an all around good time!

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