Finding Your Passion

What’s your passion? Whenever people feel stuck, lost, or don’t know what to do with their life the overwhelming answer from other people seem to be well, what is your passion? Do what you’re passionate about. Follow your passion. We get it, passion, passion, passion. But the hardest part is people say that they don’t know or haven’t found it yet. Well, I think most people actually do know it, they have found it, they just need help identifying it in their lives. I mean, heck, in today’s world everyone is rushing around, distracted by the next item on their to-do list, so it makes sense that people struggle with uncovering what they truly love to do.

Now, if you’re already there, hat’s off to you! And if you happen to do what you love/your passion as your job, bonus points! However, I think it is important to note that despite the common saying, I don’t believe your job HAS to be your exact match to your passion. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with loving your job, and if your job is your passion, that’s great! But, I think people spend so much time stressing about finding their passion and a job that matches, when it is perfectly okay to have your passion be your side hobby that you do after work. Whichever side your life falls on, it’s okay, as long as it works for you!

So now that that is out there, let me give some suggestions/ideas to think about to help you uncover your passion that is most likely already found, hidden in your crazy life.

  • Right Perspective

First, you need to start off with the right perspective and keep an open mind as you search. If you go into this thinking you’ll never find your passion or you just don’t have one, or it is pointless, you’re setting your mind up for failure. Believe that you will find it and do something you love, then you can begin searching.

  • Revisit Your Past

Look back a few years, perhaps that’s to your childhood or perhaps that’s to your first job out of college–either way think of all the things you did for fun. What did you love to do? What could you spend hours getting lost in? Although it may not match up perfectly, it can give you an idea. For example, if you loved to color or make playdough figures, you may not be able to use playdough as a job or even as an adult (although why not?), but you can find something to be artsy and creative in. Maybe it was sports or reading or being outdoors…whatever it was look to find a way to incorporate back into your life now. And if it is already in your life, you’ve found your passion.

  • Think to Your Future

Now that you’ve looked at your past, picture your future self. Who are you, what are you doing, where have you gotten to? The answers to any of these questions can help guide you to your passion and what you want to be doing. Remember all the times as a kid you would dream and make believe your future? As we grow up, we seem to lose that ability and stop doing it. But, why? Having a dream board with your future goals and aspirations can be an easy and helpful way to help search your life for what you should be doing to get where you want to be–career or life-wise!

  • How Do You Spend Your Time

With life being so busy, our time is precious and we don’t have time to waste on meaningless activities. Most likely, you’ve already figured out what is meaningful or not to you by the avocational things you choose to do or skip. Whatever you choose to spend your free time doing now is a good predictor that that’s your passion and what you love doing. If you don’t love what you’re doing, then it’s time to stop wasting your time and energy and start doing something else. Even if you aren’t 100% sure what your passion is, take that leap of faith and try out some new things until you do find it!

  • What Do You Get Excited to Do

As a business major, I get Fortune magazines monthly. I flip through it, but none of the articles really get me fired up. Daily, I receive emails from 2 fitness sites with their blog articles and I stop what I am doing (if possible) to read all of them and soak up the information! Obviously, fitness/nutrition/exercise (especially in blog form) is what I am passionate about. So, what kinds of things do you get excited to read about, or watch, or see or do that could possibly be your passion? What could you spend hours doing or talking about and never get bored doing so? These are the kinds of questions that can help lead you to uncovering your passion in your own life.

Lastly, the most important thing is to just go out there and do it! Do what you love in whatever ways possible!! If you cannot find anything you love doing in your life, then go out there and try some new things! Even if it scares you. Especially if it scares you. Life is too short to sit by and playing in the safe zone, wasting your time and energy! Life is meant to be lived to the fullest, doing what you love and enjoying every minute of the journey….so, make it a passionate one!

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