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Whether or not I’m going to the gym, I love workout clothes. They’re my weakness and that’s just the fact. But of course besides everyday life, looking cute in the gym is also a confidence booster going into my workout. Most of the time I just wear spandex and a tank top or shirt to the gym because 1) spandex are comfy so I can move 2) I play my sport in them so might as well workout in them too and 3) I just love spandex and feel like rocking my body I’ve built at the gym. But I also do love leggings and tanks–not so much shorts because they just get baggy and caught up when I actually do my exercises so my preference is to stick to more form-fitting clothing at the gym.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to try the more high-waisted leggings/crop top look. I’ve made do by tying my tank tops with my spandex to have that crop top feel, but I thought it was time to treat myself to actual outfits. Especially since I won a pair of high-waisted Foxy leggings the other week (perfect timing, right?!). So with this blog I’m going to give you the deets on some great places to check out for inexpensive, cute, comfy and nice fitness/active clothes.

Foxy Leggings

Since I mentioned these earlier might as well start with them. I actually won a $50 giftcard rather than just a pair of leggings which was nice to get to pick my own out. Most leggings were between $55-$60 so I still had to pay like $4.99 (free shipping in the US) which wasn’t bad at all. Even $55-$60 isn’t too bad for a NICE pair of leggings–and they seriously are! As you can see in the picture below, I got the electric blue crops which first are such a pretty color. The leggings can be high-waisted it you choose to pull them up (long legs makes it slightly harder) or you could wear them normal height as well. The material is stretchy, but stil form-fitting, durable, and super comfortable! Lastly, there is a pocket on the side to put your phone in; no more phone case on the dirty floor–lifesaver!! 11/10 would recommend these leggings!!

Forever 21

Yes, this one shocked me a bit too, but now that I’ve discovered this I’m seriously probably never going anywhere else! I had been looking for tight tanks and crop tops to go with my new leggings and was struggling in other places. I asked around and heard that Forever 21 had cheap workout clothes and so I decided to try it out. They really do. Of course, they have their athletic section which I did get a cute tank top for only $12.99, but just there other shirts all around the store work perfectly too. There were so many crop tops in so many different colors as well as just other shirts that could easily work–and they’re all super good prices. I got 3 workout tanks/crop for $24.99….most “fitness clothes” places that will get you like 1 shirt… maybe. So if you seriously want cute, affordable, comfy workout tops, check out Forever 21!!!

Old Navy

The last place I have the majority of my leggings and tanks from is Old Navy. I used to work there so I got discounts which is why I bought a lot, but I have also seen lots of people on Instagram love their stuff too. It’s not quite Forever 21 prices, but it definitely is on the lower side of costs and some items you find are actually pretty good. I’ve gotten 3 pairs of leggings, 5 tanks, 1 long-sleeve running jacket, and 1 workout shirt from there and still love them all! 3 tanks are the exact same in different colors and these are the ones that are great for tying up to make crop top-ish if you get a big enough size. Sometimes it seems you do have to look around a bit to find that 1 or 2 items that stand-out, but if you do look and try-on…they’re there!


Lastly, yes I always love Nike, Asics, big-name brand stuff too, but they’re on the expensive side so I try to limit those kinds of things for myself. I do love Nike shoes for lifting (for running, I need more stability found in an Asics) as well as their spandex. For sports bras, I’ve recently found I love Under Armour and Champion (Target).

Hope this helps and I would always love to hear some of your favorite go-to brands and stores!

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