Food Review: Lunch and Dessert

So, my last blog post on Food Review seemed to be pretty popular, so I thought I would go at it again. Plus, who doesn’t love food and sharing the deliciousness? (On paper that is…not so much in real life).

Recently, I have had 2 amazing desserts and 1 delicious lunch from 2 cafe-style places. While the desserts are nowhere near being healthy, they are so delicious that I have to blog about it and the lunch was an amazingly delicious, and pretty healthy, salad. My mouth is watering just thinking about them so let’s get to it!

The first place I’m going to talk about is the famous (if you’re from, heard of or know the DFW area) Emporium Pies! (P.S. this place was also on my Fall/Winter Bucket List so I’m killing two birds with one stone (post).) We went to the one in McKinney and it was the cutest little cafe/shop! When you got there, they had their pies out on display to look at it and their menu of which pies they were offering at the time. Being a pie-fanatic, and seeing all their choices, I knew it would be difficult, but I also knew I couldn’t go wrong! There were a bourbon pecan pie, peppermint pie, buttermilk pie, berry pie, coconut pie…I was in heaven. The one I ended up ordering was Lord of The Pies: aka deep-dish apple pie with cinnamon streusel. It was perfect. When my piece came out, it was huge and very much so deep-dish. The apples were fresh, the streusel crumbly and the crust flaky. (Side note: when your order you choose if you want your pie heated or not–highly recommend heating. You also can pay more for a la mode with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I skipped this, but my friend had it and said it was delicious with her pie!)

I also tried a bite of my friend’s pie who ordered the Smooth Operator: french silk chocolate with a pretzel crust. It was very rich, but also very good. I was amazed at how prominent the pretzel crust came through in the taste, which went perfectly with the chocolate. I would highly, highly, highly suggest you go and get yourself a piece of pie at Emporium pies, you certainly will not regret it! Plus, check out the cute little to-go containers they give you!!

Okay, so the second cafe I went to was Lekka Cafe off of Preston Road.They call themselves “South African Cafe”, but they have a good mixture of foods from appetizers, salads, soups, sandwiches, and tramezzinis. I’ve been here once before with my dad and we both ordered the Asian Chicken Salad. This time we went, as soon as the waiter came over we were ready and both ordered the same thing again…it’s that good!

This salad is topped with toasted almonds, sugar snap peas, crunchy rice noodles, and deliciously grilled chicken. Served with a side of peanut soy dressing which really makes the whole salad! I just drizzled a little bit on my salad (a little is really all you need) and mixed it all in. Each salad was also served with a side of sourdough bread. The salad is a bit bigger, but it fills you up nicely! This time my dad also insisted we order and split a dessert (they are really known for their desserts) and I hesitantly agreed. And although it was unhealthy, it was totally worth it! We ordered the german chocolate cake and it was rich, but so moist and tasty. The icing had a great mixture of coconut and chocolate and walnuts were stuffed in the slice of cake. One of the best slices of cakes I’ve ever eaten. The only note about dessert is it changes daily so they won’t always have the same choices offered, but I’m sure any of their desserts would be a great choice!

P.S: the reason I don’t have a picture of the cake is a) it was too good, I had to devour it first and b) when I was taking pictures of my salad, I knocked my fork on the ground trying to be artsy and I didn’t want a repeat of that (#foodbloggerprobs).

Overall, if you’re looking for great desserts either of these two places would be a big hit–I suggest you try both! While at Lekka, also stop in for one of their entrees too. These are two cafes you definitely don’t want to miss out on!!

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