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Even though it’s only two weeks into the new year, and your new goals and resolutions, some inspiration can never hurt! I thought I would share some of the healthy lifestyle blogs/websites that I have gone to and used for healthy tips, recipes, workouts, inspiration, and more! They are blogs that I look up to when creating my own blog because they have done so much with theirs. Each blog and site offers something different and unique…so check them out and find a few (or all!) that inspire and help you to be your best.

Jill Fit 

Jill is great inspiration on how to live a healthy lifestyle, #moderation365 (that’s her motto). After years of struggling with negative self-talk, crash dieting, and competing in figure competitions, she decided to make a change for the better and live a healthier, happier life. She really caught my attention with her posts about overcoming obsession with your body, food, and exercise–something I have been trying to push past this past year–as well having confidence. But all of her posts can help anyone from runners, to new-to-exercise people, to those wanting a good, happy mindset and everyone in between!

Chloe Prudore @ Lotsasquats 

Chloe is someone I have recently discovered both as a person and her site Lotsasquats. What I really like about her is that she is real and open about her transformation and struggles. She was someone who was working a draining 9-5 job, and finally decided to make a change for the better and start her own fitness coaching business. This is something I am really interested in so of course I loved her, but for anyone scared to take that leap of faith and go after what they want, Chloe at Lotsasquats is sure to be inspiring for you! She is proof that following your goals and dreams can truly make you happier and healthier!

Jewels_fit (Instagram)

Julie (“Jewels”) is a pro bikini competitor and online coach. While not everyone will be competing in this competitions, her transformation is what really inspired me. She went from overcoming an eating disorder to going for her goals as bikini competitor (and winning!) and focusing on an amazing transformation. Now, not everyone wants to get as lean/cut as she is for her competitions, but her overall strength and perseverance inspires me. Her instagram is filled with motivation and inspirational posts so check her out!

Fit Mitten Kitchen

Ashley over at Fit Mitten Kitchen has given me so many healthy, yet insanely delicious recipes! She really goes out of her to find recipes that include healthy ingredients, but that are super simple for anyone to make–whether that be for breakfast, dinner, or my favorite…dessert! If you follow her on instagram too, you’ll see gorgeous pictures of her food too. So, what are you waiting for?

Fit Foodie Finds

Fit Foodie Finds is very similar to Fit Mitten Kitchen in that she posts healthy, delicious food recipes. She inspires me with her blog because she turned it from a hobby into her job–something I would like to do. But if you are looking to eat healthier or spice up your healthy foods, check out her site for all the great recipes!

Chocolate Covered Katie

Anyone with the word chocolate in their name ought to be good, am I right? Katie blogs about healthy desserts, that taste just as good, if not better, than regular desserts. For example, I made her pumpkin blondies and they were delicious: they tasted like a gooey chocolate-chip cookie melting in my mouth (her secret ingredient was chickpeas). Other recipes I want to try include her black bean brownies and her chocolate chip kale cookies. She has lunch and dinner food on there as well along with some higher-sugar-content items. Don’t let the “healthy” part fool you about the taste of her recipes because they are insanely good! Eating dessert you can feel okay about…now that’s golden!

Taylor at Taylored Fitness

I’ve recently discovered Taylor, both her blog and her instagram (ilikemyfitnesstaylored) and I am obsessed with her. But like in the normal way…not creepy at all. Everything she posts on instagram motivates me to push past my fears, insecurities, and things holding me back from living a happy, healthy life that I love. She focuses a lot on mindset and being mindful, in the moment as well overall happiness. Her transformation from skinny to strong also really inspires me. She went from doing hours of cardio to get “skinny” to not being afraid to lift heavy and eat a lot to grow her muscles, and she is incredible! She always posts workout routines/exercises and food that allows you to see her in real life–no fake! Her blog has insanely delicious food recipes as well as tips to be healthy. She is funny and real and really wants to inspire people to go for they life they want…she is living proof of the success of doing so!

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