Motivation: Challenge Yourself

Consider that my first challenge group is starting up today, I thought this was the perfect quote for today’s MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!! Plus, this can be taken and applied to just about everything in life: relationships, jobs, fitness, health, life in general, etc.

Life is not static, and neither are we. We are all constantly progressing, growing, changing, moving in our everyday lives. Some moments are bigger and show it more clearly, such as deciding on a new job or getting married. Most moments however are smaller and making little movements in our lives yet these are the things that have a BIG impact! Each and every moment–both big and small–has the ability to change us, to take us down a new path in a new direction and completely change our journey’ course. Just think about that, it may seem heavy, but isn’t it true? Every decision we make is changing us somehow in someway. So wouldn’t we want the changes to be positive? The experiences to be pleasant? Of course we would, and that can all happen if we simply choose to challenge ourselves. Now, some of you are probably thinking but if it’s too challenging, I’ll fail and that will never make me happy or have a positive impact. But it will, let me explain.

If you choose to stay in your bubble, your comfort zone then every decision you make is going to keep you right where you are; it’ll change the possibilities for your future because you don’t want to move at all. It is only when you challenge yourself, when you take that leap of faith and step outside of your comfort zone that you can truly begin to grow into who you can, want to and will become. Challenges are hard, that’s the only way they change you. Think about it in other terms. If you want your muscles to grow and change, you have to lift heavy weight that’s hard. Beautiful rocks and stones are carved and made from intense heat and heavy pressure. This is all good news for us though becsuse we constantly are facing obstacles and challenges–the only way we can go is keep pushing forward.

When you do something challenging and fail (which is going to happen because it is…well…challenging), it’s in those moments that you realize what you are capable of, you begin to grow and change as a person, and you overcome the failure!! It’s when you hit rock bottom that you realize something has to change (probably yourself and/or your attitude) and you begin working to overcome and find a new way around those obstacles to reach your goals. It’s in those defining moments, whether big or small, that you make the switch in your head to persevere and be disciplined in everything that you continue to do. I’m not saying it is easy, but if it were everybody would  do it!

Don’t be afriad to challenge yourself because you’re afriad of change!! I completely understand liking to stay in your comfortable bubble that you’re used to–I’m the same way! But what I have come to learn and teach myself is that life really does begin outside of your comfort zone. When you do something that scares you or take those challenging opportunities that come your way, bit-by-bit you are learning to persevere, overcome, and ultimately thrive! No good change came from doing the same thing over and over again, staying exactly right where you are. No. Good things come when you choose to take that step out and truly grow. Because after all…If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!!

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