Motivational Monday #1

Happy Monday y’all! With the start of the new year, I have decided to start something new of on the blog…MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY!! Woohoo *cue cheering*. Every Monday, I’m going to post a blog with an inspirational quote, story, phrase, basically anything that is motivating for everyone to keep reaching and working towards their goals! They’ll usually be something short, so that a quick read is all you need to get fired up.

The reason I wanted to start this is because it can be tough to keep pushing all the time, especially when working with our new, or old, resolutions. Life gets in the way, we aren’t seeing the results we want when we want them, we’re just plain tired–all of these can cause us to halt our efforts we had towards reaching our goals. What I want to do, is give you motivation every week for that extra push, to relight that passionate fire that drives you.

So to start off with, my first Motivational Monday (*woohoo*) is going to be the quote that I currently use as the lock screen saver on my phone.

I have it on there so that every time I look at my phone (and lets be real here is way too often) I am reminded that I cannot and will not be stopped. When you have goals, you will run into people who will try and stop you from those goals. They’ll tell you that you can’t do it or you’re not good enough. Maybe they’ll talk about how your goal is silly and unrealistic. Or perhaps its not people, but instead trials and temptations. Whatever junk is thrown at you, I want you to remember this: YOU WILL NOT BE STOPPED! If your goals make you happy and you are passionate about them and have a burning desire to reach them, then whatever people say does not matter. That includes yourself. We can be our own biggest critics and simply give up after a failure or hardship–but do not let you stop you, do not let anyone stop you…ever.

I know this can be easier said than done; however, as you start your journey this year keep this quote in mind. Whatever bumps in the road you encounter, whether that be people, temptations, hardships, etc., know that you are stronger than them. Tell yourself that you are capable of achieving everything and anything if you have the desire, determination and drive to do it. Remember “I Will Not Be Stopped!” and let it motivate you to go out there and show everyone that you are serious, that you won’t be stopped. Because at the end of the day, someone who can’t be stopped is the most powerful person you can be!

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    1. Hi Karissa! I’m so glad you found by blog and enjoy it! My goal in writing is to help provide information for people looking to live a healthy life and to inspire them to do so. If you have any content you wish to see or learn more about, feel free to email me!:)

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