Motivational Monday #10

Happy #MOTIVATIONALMONDAY!! Today I’m keeping it short and sweet with a tagline just about everybody has seen all over clothes, TV, ads, social media, etc…

Nike’s Just Do It.

Cliche? Maybe. Worth talking about? Absolutely!

While everybody has seen this everywhere, I don’t think everybody has really thought through it, what it means, and how it can be applied to their lives. Sure, it’s something you throw around as “inspiration” when you feel like quitting or just to say something, but it can actually be much more than that.  To me, this doesn’t mean that anything you want to do, you just go out and do it on a whim. For example, if you’ve never lifted a weight before, you cannot expect to set foot in the gym for the first time and suddenly be able to squat (properly I may add) 300 pounds…so don’t just go do it there. But what I think this means, is once you have prepared and planned the best you possibly can for success, stop waiting around for the right moment and make the right moment–just do it!

A lot of times I’ll see people have all these great goals and ambitious dreams, and they’ll make all these elaborate plans and schedules and ideas on how to reach their goals…and then they’ll stop there. They never actually put anything into action whether it be out of fear, lack of motivation, lack of confidence, etc. Well, I’m here telling you right now that once you’ve prepped and planned and prepared to the ends of the earth, stop waiting around and JUST DO IT. There probably will never be a “perfect time” or the “right moment” or a time where things are less crazy and difficult; instead, go out and make that moment for yourself. What’s the worst that can happen? You fail? Make a mistake? Congratulations, that means you’re human and you’re on the right track. Now, I know that doesn’t make you feel better about doing so or make it any easier, but the only way you can succeed is if you fail a time or two (or twenty). Making a mistake is what leads you to finding the right path or the right way.

You cannot succeed without first failing. You cannot find what and how is right if you never find out or learn what and how is wrong. But, when you do fail, don’t just give up there. Learn and grow from it, and find a new way. Hey, you never know,maybe you’ll find a whole new dream/goal to reach because you failed and learned that your previous goal wasn’t for you.

So, the next time you’re waiting around to start reaching your goals, stop waiting and start doing. Worst thing that happens? You make a mistake, learn, and find the right path. The best thing? You take a step in the right direction. Either way you’re one step closer to reaching your goal, and that is a perfectly good reason to Just Do It.

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