Motivational Monday #11

Happy #MOTIVATIONALMONDAY everyone!! I can’t believe it’s already week 11 into 2017–time is flying! And by now, your lives are probably flying with chaos too. It’s about that time where the adrenaline, “pump”, and excitement from starting a new program or a new plan towards your goals is dying off, leaving you in a tired, going-through-the-motions, zombie-like state. With everything going on, you start doing less and less. You stop planning as much and start half-assing working towards your goal. You start making excuses.

Even if that’s not you, you’ve probably given a few excuses yourself from time to time. And I get it, life gets busy and things come up so you cannot do what you had planned or wanted to do. BUT, that does not mean you can’t do something. Sure, it may not be ideal or what you had planned out, but it’s doing something! It’s getting you a step closer. Because doing something to help yourself reach your goal is better than doing nothing…and it’s a whole heck of a lot better than making excuses.

You see: excuses are where dreams/goals go to die. (Yeah I just made that up, but I’m sure someone somewhere once said something similar). As corny and cliché as that may sound it’s so true. Excuses eventually become habits which eventually become your lifestyle. Excuses are like this:

Day by day you keep saying oh, I’ll just workout tomorrow, I’ll push back my planning to another day or there’s always another time. Eventually that tomorrow or that “other day” becomes never and you lose sight of your goals. Because although you said “tomorrow” yesterday, “tomorrow” usually won’t and doesn’t happen. But don’t feel like hope is lost! I have a few tips to follow that will help you start TODAY on your goals no matter what is going on or what happens in your life. Try following these tips next time you want to make an excuse as to why you can’t do something!

  • Plan ahead. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. If you don’t have some sort of plan or schedule, it’s hard to just jump into the journey and work towards your goal. It doesn’t have to be super strict or extravagant or detailed, but it needs to work for you and your goal.
  • Be flexible. On the other side of your plan, don’t make it so strict that it’s impossible to follow daily. Because the future isn’t predictable, unforeseen things are bound to come up. And if you think that you can’t do anything towards your goal because it doesn’t perfectly fit into your plan, you’ll end up doing nothing. Remember, something is better than nothing!
  • Small steps. Don’t try to take your entire goal on in one sitting. Instead, split your plan up into small tasks. Such as: meal plan and prep for a month straight (it’ll become a habit) or focus on working out 3 times a week. Small, doable tasks will do you good!
  • Set aside time. Oftentimes people don’t have time because they don’t make it. Take out 30-60 minutes of your day to work on your goals, and put it into your planner, your phone, your calendar, etc. Once this is set aside, you’ll have the time to actually work towards accomplishing your goals.
  • Start. The easiest way to stop making excuses, to stop saying tomorrow is to just start. Do something. Set your alarm early to workout before school/work, spend 15 minutes while watching tv to prep and pack your lunches for the week, open that self-improvement book and read a few pages. The point is to just start doing one small thing, which will eventually lead to bigger, greater actions!

What tips for overcoming excuses do you use?

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