Motivational Monday #13

Hey y’all, welcome back and happy#MOTIVATIONALMONDAY! Today’s inspiring quote is one that has really hit home recently, and not just regarding fitness (although it does have a lot of meaning there). I thought I would share this quote in hopes of motivating and changing even just one person’s mindset towards themselves, their lives, goals, and any challenges they face. Anything we pursue in life is going to come with its difficulties and obstacles, so next time you face one in your own life, remember this quote, change your mindset, and keep pushing forward!

One reason this resonates so heavily with me, is I used to be afraid of everything little thing! Okay, okay….I still am sort of. I have gotten better at not worrying heavily about the future or small things, but there certainly main times in my life currently when I start thinking: and that’s the exact moment fear takes over. For example, my current bulking phase of way-upping my calories more than I am used to. There are times when although I know I need lots of carbs and food, I get scared of weight gain. It sounds silly that I would be scared of the one thing I want and need to do, but it’s just a natural part of being a women in this society (and not easy to admit on here at all, but I want to open with my readers). But instead, lately, I’ve been finding myself focusing on what could go right. I could (and will) gain killer muscle and definition. I will be a stronger and better athlete. I will have more balance in my life. Sure, there are some negatives that are bound to happen and/or could happen, but by changing my mindset towards it, my motivation towards my goal strengthens.

I think often times we let fear get in the way of what we want: dating that one guy, your dream job that doesn’t seem plausible, that killer fitness-level, etc. Once we let fear creep in, doubt starts filling our minds and we suddenly stop believing we can do it. Well guess what?? YOU CAN DO IT. All it takes is changing your mindset and your thoughts to be a more positive outlook on your future. It’s all up to you! If we focus on the failure, we’ll be too scared to keep trying for success. Because the only way to get to success is to fail first. We aren’t perfect, but giving up after failing gets you nowhere (aka being afraid of what could go wrong). Getting back up, persevering and pushing ahead (aka thinking what could go right) after failing leads you to your goals, and to success.

To put this into perspective, Babe Ruth’s quote sums this up pretty well: “Never let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game.” Imagine if the absolute best baseball player (most home runs, best batting average, etc.) was too afraid of striking out that he never even stepped up to the plate. In that situation, it all seems ridiculous, right? Well, the same can be said about you and your life. Whatever you aren’t doing or aren’t pursuing because you’re afraid, start thinking of it in a positive light. Start imagining what actually could go right, and get excited about it. Let that excitement push your dreams and your actions!

Your mind controls your body; therefore, your body cannot go where your mind doesn’t tell it to. Start telling your mind that you are capable, that you can accomplish your goals, and start thinking of all the things that could go right. Once you do this, there will be no room for fear to creep in and collapse your dreams. Start being excited by all the possibilities and what you’re capable of! Stop being afraid. Start being excited by all the possibilities you’re capable of. And then go after it–all in–and

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