Motivational Monday #14

It’s Monday, so you know what day it is right?? #MOTIVATIONALMONDAY is here again, whoo! Now, for most people out there probably dreading Mondays, you may see no reason for all this excitement. Well, I want you to change that! Right here, right now think ONE positive thought and change your mindset. Why? Because your mind is a very powerful tool, and if you constantly fill it with negative or bad thoughts and reactions, that’s all you are going to find and get out of life–and life is  just too awesome and short to live it in a “just-getting-by” state. Focus on the positive, and you’ll be amazed at what comes your way!

As crazy or unrealistic as this may seem to some, it is so true! Our mind does more than just control our body by telling it what to do. Our mind controls our thoughts, words, actions, choices…it controls almost every aspect of our lives. So, why wouldn’t you want to fill it with the best possible thing–positivity? It’s like buying a fancy, expensive car and putting cheap watery gas in it or an olympic athlete eating french fries and donuts rights before their next game, race, etc. If you want the best output (which I assume most people would like for themselves), then you have to put in the best input!

I know that positivity isn’t always the easiest or most convenient thing. I know it’s easier to complain and be negative at times, but that’s doing more damage to you and those around you than using the extra effort to change your thoughts, tell yourself positive things and live it out! Because once your mind is filled with positivity, it’s going to start making choices and living life in that same manner. No matter what your goal is in life, there are going to be roadblocks and obstacles that you face. If you come at them with a negative mindset, you’re most likely going to quit or give up on your dream. But, it’s when you have that positive mindset, that you can actually  begin to grow and change as a person; you can reach your goals see your life start to change. Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I would kind of like to see my life change for the better–into what I want it to be. The only way to do this is to start putting in the work to fill your mind with positive thoughts.

Think about it, let’s just say your goal is to gain muscle by going to the gym. If you constantly think I’m not good enough, I’m not seeing results, I’m weak, etc. then when you’re at the gym you’re just going to be going through the motions not really trying hard. That is if you even make it to the gym at all. Your actions here are definitely not going to get you what you want, putting you back where you started and very, very defeated. Now, imagine if you filled your mind with positive thoughts such as, I can do this, I’m getting stronger, It’s tough, but I’m tougher, I’m doing this to become better and I will, etc., then you’re most likely going to put in the time, effort and training that you need, and therefore, see results!

This may seem crazy, but it;s simple! When you start to realize and understand just how powerful a tool our mind is, you can start using it to your benefit! By filling it with positive thoughts and messages, your mind will then control your body in such a way that means you will go out and start changing your life. And maybe even those around you. Just remember that no matter what situation you’re in or where life takes you or how close/far you are to your goals, fill your mind with positivity. I promise you that when your mind is filled with positivity, you’ll start spreading joy and cheer and positivity around you, and you will start to see those results and good things come.

You will start to see your life change–all because you changed your mindset and fed your mind positive thoughts. Now, that’s powerful!

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