Motivational Monday #15

It’s time for another #MOTIVATIONALMONDAY to start your week off GREAT! Really though, you’re in control of how you start off your week, so make it how you want! Today’s quote is one of my favorites and something that really motivates me when I’m questioning what or why I am doing something!

Keeping this quote in mind can be crucial in overcoming obstacles, especially when people may not always understand or support what you are doing. Now, I’m not saying don’t have support. Of course, support from family, friends, spouses, boyfriends, etc. is a huge part of being successful. I’m just saying that sometimes they, or some random person, may even ask why you’re doing something or think you’re crazy for doing so. But the important thing to do in these situations, is check back in with yourself. Ask yourself whenever people are questioning you is, does it make me happy? Do I still love what I am doing and the progress I am making? And if the answer to those questions is “yes”, then that’s all that matters.

People often don’t understand what we are doing because they don’t understand our why behind it. They don’t see or feel our goals that we want to achieve. And because of this, especially if your goal may seem unconventional, they may question what you do or think it’s strange. Your family may think it’s strange that you measure and count your food or that you choose to eat healthy when you go out for dinner. Strangers at the store might think it’s weird that you read nutrition labels. Your friends may question why you would choose to not stay out late so that you can wake up early to get a workout in. That’s all okay.

Let them question, wonder and judge (although if your friends judge you for trying to reach your goals, you may wanna find some new friends). Because at the end of the day, it’s you who is going to experience the feeling of success. It’s you who is going to know the feeling of pride from triumphing over your obstacles and working hard. And it’s those who questioned you that are going to ask how. When you hit a new PR in the gym, when you have more energy from eating better and sleeping more, when you see more toning and definition…they’ll have nothing left to question. They’ll only be able to ask you how you did it, because they are jealous that you did.

So next time people seem to be harping on you for trying to achieve your goals or questioning your actions, just remember that while at first they’re asking why, later they’ll be asking how.  And at the end of the day, you’ll be left with amazing goals/dreams achieved, transformations completed and a feeling of pride. Because you know why you did it, you know how you did it, and you know that you most certainly, against the odds, DID IT!


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