Motivational Monday #2

#MOTIVATIONALMONDAY is here. Get excited!!!! This week’s quote really got to me because as classes are about to start up, things can get a bit overwhelming. It can be a tough act balancing school, meal planning, workouts, socializing, etc. (I’m really feeling it right now) and this can be discouraging. For you, whether its classes starting up, a new job, or perhaps same job, but a new responsibility this year, trying to manage and succeed at all of it is stressful. Today’s motivation is meant to remind you about focus and hard work!

With all of life’s things calling our name for our attention, it may seem impossible to figure it all out. The only way you will succeed is if you want to, and then you must put your focus and attention into achieving it! Now, of course, you cannot put all your attention into everything at one time, there will have to be some sacrifices that you choose. And you cannot control everything. But, it’s motivating to remember that you have control over your actions and where you choose to put your attention. Choose what is really important to you and work hard for it–the results will come!

So if life seems to be too hectic or you find yourself getting distracted, take a step back and refocus your attention and energy on what you want to achieve. Your focus will lead to results, results that will take time and dedication, but results that will be so worth every ounce of attention you gave!

Now go out and there and kill it this week!!

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