Motivational Monday #5

Today’s #MOTIVATIONALMONDAY is going to be a little different, but in a good way! My past quotes have been focusing on pushing yourself to go farther and reach your goals…because I mean that’s what inspiration is supposed to do, right? This Monday, I wanted to share something I found that I really like, that all women can learn from and use–no matter your situation your life, your goals, etc. It’s called “The Kickass Woman’s Manifesto For Sparklicious Living”. Now, am I crazy about the title? No, not too much. BUT, the message is fitting and perfect; one that every girl, teen, woman should hear, understand, and apply in her own life.

I love this because it truly makes you reflect on your own life and realize  just how strong, worthy, beautiful you really are. Oftentimes people, especially women, can get caught up in their mistakes, failures and other plans-gone-wrong that they don’t stop to realize just how far they’ve come; and just how far they can go. This set of phrases, this mantra is meant to instill confidence in yourself as you read it and truly believe it. It may take time for you to feel it, to feel the confidence stirring creating the feeling that you are unstoppable, that you are simply amazing…because you are! But, it’s okay because we have time. It is important to take this time to read this and realize it’s true about you. All the crazy obstacles, failures, tragedies, etc. that you have been through has made you strong and worthy, despite any imperfections you see or others may point out, you are perfectly you!

That is why I love the last line of this: “I AM ME. I thought I was lost and alone, but now I realize that I was always with me.” You are the only one capable of making your dreams a reality, your goals the truth. Now, don’t get me wrong, support from family, friends and loved ones is great and a huge helping factor. But, at the end of the day, no matter who doesn’t believe in you or who leaves you or who doubts you, YOU are with you. YOU are powerful enough to push through, YOU are strong enough to overcome obstacles, and YOU are a kickass woman.

Have confidence in who you are and what you are doing because that is being Beyoutifully Healthy!

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