Motivational Monday #6

After #SUPERBOWLSUNDAY not much like a #MOTIVATIONALMONDAY to get you going!! Am I right? I mean after seeing the Patriots make that huge comeback to fight and win last night, and watching them celebrate, you should be amped up to go out and kill your goals and nail your day…I know I am!! To help you kickstart that attitude, here is today’s motivational quote that really is quite simple, easy, yet oh so powerful! Let’s get to it!

Because seriously, honestly, and truly, it really does. Now, yes I know that life gets in the way and there other factors to consider making some things simply impossible (like the super-power of flying), but if your goal is attainable and fully possible, then the only person/thing who can and will stop you is YOU! If you’ve been the kind of person who quits or easily gives up, then, not judging or anything, but it is possible that you didn’t want it THAT badly. Sure, you want it, you want to change and yes it is going to be difficult. You are going to face obstacles and set backs; however, your will and your drive can overcome any and all of that. Because truthfully, your body can handle just about anything, it is your mind you have to convince.

If you want to build muscle or lose weight or focus more on healthy eating or become more positive–whatever it is that you have as your goals that you want to achieve, you can! Your desire to reach your dreams, to achieve your goals should be the driving factor behind overcoming those obstacles, getting up no matter how many times you’ve fallen and to keep pushing forward one step at a time. Whenever you feel like quitting, do some self-reflection. Is what you are doing what you truly want, what you have as your deepest and strongest desire? If so, then DON’T QUIT! No matter how hard it gets, if you want it so, so, so, so (you get the idea) badly, then you will find a way. Your way.

So, next time you feel at your lowest, like you cannot push anymore, cannot do anymore and just want to give up…remember how BAD you want it. Remember that you would do anything and everything it takes to reach your goals. Remember that you are strong and capable of achieving whatever YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO. (You just have to tell your mind that). And once your mind remembers how badly you desire to achieve your goals, you will be unstoppable. You already are!

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