Motivational Monday #8

Happy #MOTIVATIONALMONDAY everyone! I hope you make it an awesome one and a great start to your week!

Today’s quote is venturing off the straight “fitness” mindset. Not that all the past quotes have been only for fitness motivation, but I did tend to focus more on fitness than life in general. Motivation is great for exercising and pushing through, but honestly, life is hard and not everyone lives it to the fullest like they want. That is where today’s quote comes in. I hope it motivates you to go out there, take a chance and do something crazy that you want…you never know what you might find!

This quote has been my recent switch of lock screen backgrounds because it is an awesome daily reminder! Especially for someone like me who LOVES their comfort zone, because well, it’s comfortable!! I like routine, organization, knowing everything that could and is going to happen; and that just doesn’t happen outside of my (or any) comfort zone. But, you know what does happen? Mystery. Magical Moments. Life-Long Memories. Overcoming Fears. LIFE.

Now for those telling me it’s freakin’ scary, trust me when I say I am right there with you. I understand and can completely agree. But we shouldn’t fear the unknown. We should embrace it for all its possibilities–sure something bad could happen BUT SO COULD SOMETHING GREAT AND AMAZING AND TERRIFIC. Something that you would never know unless you took that leap of faith outside of your comfort zone. Sure you could always play it safe, but when you grow old and look back on life, you’re most likely going regret all the chances you didn’t take. I know I certainly don’t want that to be me one day.

To battle that, I’ve made the decision today to do things outside of my comfort zone, things that may terrify me, but that I’ll be glad I tackled. For those who want to make a change in their life, I would suggest you join me in making this decision too–however that may look in your life. Rise above the fear and the doubt, and be motivated to positively change and impact your life! Because at the end of the day, you’re the only person who can bring you forward or hold you back–the choice is yours. Don’t be afraid of the unknown; instead, be confident in your strength, in your tenacity, and in your ability to do anything and everything and produce amazing things!

Life truly does begin at some point outside of your comfort zones…so let me ask this: why are you still living in it? Go out, take that leap of faith, start living your life, and of course, in doing so, stay Beyoutifully Healthy!



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