Motivational Monday #9

For today’s #MOTIVATIONALMONDAY, I come at it from a a little bit of a different angle. Sure, it’s of course still meant to motivate you and inspire you (that’s kinda the point of these), but I want to do so through a time of reflection. A time to look back at how hard you have worked these past 8 weeks. A time where you can appreciate what you’ve done–whether or not you’ve met your goals. I want you to see your own journey (not those with the seemingly “perfect journey” on social media) that you’ve taken and use that as your continued motivation!

A lot of times when we are trying to reach our goals and achieve great things, we are told not to look back. After all, we aren’t going that way. This is true, but what it means is don’t look back with regret and wish you could go back in time, don’t dwell and live in the past. However, in our own individual journeys, especially if it’s a fitness-related one, it’s important to look back to see how far you really have come. It can be frustrating to feel like you haven’t made any progress physically, emotionally, mentally, relationship-wise, etc. when we look at the short-term. But change takes time! Your body isn’t going to miraculously change in 2 weeks or even 2 months. There will be small changes here and there that over the course of time, will amount to a big transformation. But the only way you’ll see that is if you look back to where you started and see just how far you’ve come.

So often, we find ourselves in the”go-go-go” mode trying to do the next thing on our list and accomplish the next task. When we make one goal or hit one target, we don’t even appreciate that milestone–we just keep chugging ahead to the next one. I think the reason people are often disappointed in their goal-status is because we keep comparing ourselves to what our end goal is and we find, like the quote says, that we aren’t where we need to be or want to be or think we should be. However, we also need to realize that we aren’t where we used to be. That we have grown and changed and become a new person because of our personal journey in life. Now, I’m not saying don’t ever look forward to your goals and compare your current life to your goals. The whole point of having a goal is to have a point to reach that you currently aren’t at now, so you have to keep checking your positioning in relation to your goals. I’m just saying, don’t get so caught up in the fact that you haven’t met your goal or that you feel far away from it, when if you looked at where you used to be you would realize you are making a difference by doing what you are doing.

A good way to sum this up is this: progress over perfection. We are never going to be perfect and you may never perfectly reach every inch of your goal. That doesn’t mean give up. No, you should still work hard every day to reach your goal because who knows, you just might! But instead of worrying about perfection, focus on our progress. Because eventually that progress will lead you to where you want to be. When you do stumble or fall or fail, don’t let that define your ability to reach your goals. It’s all about perseverance that will get you there: to where you want to be. Look back at your journey just long enough to realize how much progress you’ve made and how far you’ve come; and use that to motivate you to continue working to get to where you want to be. And then…don’t ever stop.


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