Upper Body Routine

A few posts back I posted my leg day routine from when I had the week off from volleyball workouts. Well, that week I also did an upper body routine (weird, huh?) so I figured why not share that with you as well. I normally don’t like training upper body (except back/bis), but honestly this workout was killer and left me with a great pump and soreness for days. Gotta #train to #gain amiright?

1. Single and Double Bar Lat Pulldowns (3 x 10)

1 rep is pulling the right down solely, left down solely, then both together (normal lat pull down), repeat 10 times for 1 set. You may have to go lighter weight to be able to so do the single ones, but trust me, you will start to feel the burn from excess movement in  a set.

2. Single Arm Bench Press (3 x 6 each) SS with Skull Crushers (3 x 8)

I like switching it up to single arm to really engage core and just confuse my muscles. I do skull crushers with a dumbbell (esp. since I just use the same weight as I benched), but you could switch to a bar too. No rest between bench press and skullcrushers–feel the tricep burn!

3. Preacher Curl (3 x 6)

My gym had a little set-up for this, but if not just make sure your are sitting and your arms are resting so that you aren’t using the movement or momentum to curl the bar.

4. Tricep Pushdown (3 x 10)

I use the hook-on that has the separated rope things. Keep elbows tight to side, push down and then come back up to about past 90 degrees.

5. Shoulder  Press (3 x 8)

I used dumbbells here and did both arms at the same time for 8 reps.

6. Bent Over Bar Rows (3 x 10) SS with Upright BArbell Row (3 x 3-4 until failure)

Hinge at the waist and keep your knees slightly bent. Focus on engaging the back muscles as you row. Then, immediately go into upright barbell rows and do as many until failure (can’t lift it up).

7. Bar Shoulder Press (2 x 8)

This time I used a 45 pound bar. I did less too because my arms were just about dying by the end of this.