The Importance of Attitude

Recently, I’ve been aiming to do an hour of personal development a day. I am currently reading The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha, and I am really enjoying it. (I will be doing a blog at the end of May with all the personal development books I’ve read and would recommend!) While I was reading the first few chapters, there was one section in particular that stood out to me–and I think it was because of a quote that was in the book. It got me thinking about attitude and just how important it can really be in our lives. I know I’ve heard/seen this quote before so it’s not new, but if you take the time to go deeper in and apply this to your own life rather than just reading it, I think it can make the world of difference for you!

As much as we would like to think we are in complete control of what happens to us, our relationships, lives, futures, etc., the truth is we just aren’t. This doesn’t mean that you can’t plan, prepare, work hard, and achieve your goals to help create the future you want. There are times that you can very well control most of what happens just by how you work and prepare. However, there are so many outside circumstances and factors that go into what actually happens to us–things that are completely out of our control. But you know what is in our control? How we react to the situation, how we handle what comes our way, how we deal with life’s moments–basically it comes down to one thing: our attitude.

So many times people will blame others for their situation or for how their lives are going–which usually leads to a pretty upset, frustrating, downcast life. But that’s their choice. If you look at life like the quote does, you’ll realize that you can’t control what happens to you, so why let it control you and your life? Only 10% of your life consists of things that happen to you, the things that you can not control. So, that means that 90% of your life consists of things that you can control. And that one thing you can control is your reaction!!

If you choose to let your circumstances control you and always react poorly no matter the situation, then you’re going to continue attracting those kinds of situations in your life. But, if you choose to stay positive and grateful, and see the joy and good things in every situation (especially the bad ones), then you will start to have a new outlook on life, a new perspective, and quite honestly a new life! It’s okay to be upset or disappointed by certain circumstances or things that happen, it’s human nature! But what’s not okay is going around blaming everything, throwing a tantrum and letting those things take over your life. You can’t control it so why let it get to you? Think of it this way: you buy a few lottery tickets just for fun. You obviously can’t control who wins the lottery, right? So if you don’t win why would you go around sulking, hating life, blaming your neighbor or your stupid boss or the fact that you could only buy 2 instead of 3 tickets, and ultimately just reacting so poorly to it? You might be a tiny bit sad, but you wouldn’t do those things right, that would be a little much! Same thing applies to daily occurrences in life! Think about that.

This is exactly why attitude is so important. You can make or break a situation or even the course of your life all just by how you react to something out of your control. Heck, even if it was something in your control, it’s just one event, one time, one thing–why let it affect and control your whole life? Instead, focus on the fact that life is mostly made up of our reactions, our responses, and our attitudes towards people, things, situations, experiences, etc. (90%!!!) Decide that you are going to have a positive attitude no matter what, try to find the good or the learning experience in every moment–that’s how you’ll grow as a person!

Rather than striving to “fix” or “change” your life/circumstances, learn to fix and change the way you react. I promise you, you will change your life for the better!

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