The Importance of Being Passionate

Healthy living isn’t only about the physical aspects such as nutrition and exercise, or the mental aspects of self-love and care, but it’s also about the life aspect of being passionate about something(s). Passion is what drives, motivates, and inspires people to do what they do every day. Now, I know everyone says to find your passion and make that your work; however, for some people this isn’t always possible (money-wise, job-wise, etc.). But, having a passion is one way to enjoy your life (not that you cannot and won’t enjoy your job) and spend your free time pleasantly. Your passion will allow you to find joy in any aspect of your life, and work hard towards something. Or perhaps your passion will take you on fun adventures on the weekends. Or maybe even, being passionate will allow you to¬†fall in love with something absolutely random and transform your life. No matter where it takes you, being passionate in your life is very important.

First off, if you are struggling to find your passion check out my post that will hopefully help guide you to discovering it. And don’t write a single thing off, no matter how silly or random it may be or just because you think you cannot do anything with it. Heck, one of my biggest passions is for the show The Big Bang Theory. I can’t work on the show; however, I fill my free time with watching old episodes, and Thursday nights (when the new episodes air) are the highlight of my week that I look forward to even in the midst of my stress. I even got to watch a taping of an episode that was one of the best experiences of my life!

Another one of my passions is for all things Disney. My dream company to work for one day is The Walt Disney Company, so this passion helps fuel my desire to work hard in school and my internships/jobs. It also means that one of my favorite vacation spots is of course, Disneyland and Disneyworld. The magic of the place, the company and all its aspects create such an array of excitement and happy emotions that make my life awesome. That’s what passions can do!

Lastly, a big thing I am passionate about (if you can’t tell already) is healthy living, exercise and nutrition. Hence, how this blog got started! My passion led me to start this blog which allows me to write about and share information about what I love with all my readers! It also motivates me to workout and live the best and healthiest life that I can in my daily activities–even when it gets tough or I “don’t feel like it” because I am passionate. My passion fuels my lifestyle!

Life is too precious to just go through the motions everyday and stumble through life, just trying to get by. Being passionate in your life can help change this! It gives you a reason, a why, and something (or things) that you love that can change your life! It’s important to be passionate because in doing so, you find who you want and can be–your future self! Lastly, being passionate makes up YOU. Your views, your life, your personality, your actions, etc….all created and changed by your passions in life. So be passionate, be you, and most importantly, be beyoutifully healthy!

What are you passionate about and how do you show it in your life?

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