Unguarded and Unbothered

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me post pictures using the hashtag “#unguardedandunbothered” a few times, or maybe someone else has used it. **And if you don’t follow me, hit me up (@beyoutifully.healthy) for awesome tips, meals, workouts, etc.** This Unguarded and Unbothered movement was started by Desiree (@desb_) and it has really taken off. I wanted to write a short post on what it means to me and the true power behind this movement.

If you search this hashtag on Instagram, you’ll see lots of pictures that are just natural–no posing, lighting, flexing, turning, essentially no, what society may deem, “perfect pic”. It shows people of all ages, body types, fitness levels, backgrounds, etc. being proud of who they truly are. And not to say that there is anything wrong with posting a good lighting, posed picture o yourself, showing off your muscles and best angles. You have every right to be happy and proud and want to share the results of your hard work–you deserve it!! The problem is that social media, especially Instagram, tends to be highlight reels–only the best pictures at the best times doing the best things are shown. So people start to compare their bodies, lives, relationships, routines, etc. with those that they see in the pictures which often leads to upset, frustrated, bad feelings towards their own lives because it doesn’t look or live up to those that they see. But it is important to remember that it is just a highlight usually, and they don’t walk around looking or living like that all the time!! It’s important to realize that it isn’t all reality.

That’s why I love this movement so much–it’s showing the reality side of life, lifting, muscle gain, fitness, bodies…you name it! People are deciding that along with their posed, flexin’ pictures, they will also post themselves in their natural state–how they are for most of the day. Now this takes a lot of courage to post! I was nervous about joining this movement because in reality when I am eating 2500-2700 calories a day and drinking 12-14 glasses a day, after I wake up, it isn’t always pretty when I deal with full stomach, bloating, and getting slightly fluffy. Heck, I even sometimes wake up bloated from my night snack before bed! But then when I started seeing these posts and realizing that I wasn’t alone in this, I knew I had to hop on and join!

Sometimes I even wonder if it did good because I am still hiding behind my screen when I post, but I realized that this movement began working in my life. When I first took my natural photo in the middle of the afternoon, I realized that I actually liked what I saw. Did I have abs showing? No. Was I bloated? Yes, slightly. Did my muscles perfectly pop out and look lean? No. But I looked strong, I looked healthier than when I was trying to be as super skinny, I looked like me. And that is exactly who I want to embrace and be!! I still struggle with good and bad body image days and with hating certain parts of my body like my nose, my eye bags, or the fact that due to genetics I tend to hold my fat in my lower stomach areas! (I’m sure you can relate to picking apart your body.) But I’m realizing that it’s not about how I look, but about who I am as a person that matters!! It’s my passion I live life with, it’s my dry sense of humor, it’s my crazy weirdness, it’s my heart, it’s my work ethic and discipline, it’s my personality…all these things mean way more in the world than whether or not I have a flat stomach, abs, a butt, or perfectly toned body. And if that isn’t the case with someone, then I’m sorry but you need to ditch them from your lives. Why? Because you deserve more, you are worth more, than someone who just sees your outer appearance!

I encourage you to join in on this too, whether on social media or just in your own life. Be Unguarded: be real and open about who you are truly are; love your body no matter how it looks and be confident enough to rock BOTH who you are and how you look every single day NO MATTER WHAT!! Be Unbothered: be comfortable and confident showing the real you; don’t be concerned with comments and comparisons from others, instead be interested in just showing and being you!!

Be Beyoutifully Healthy because when you live to the fullest, doing what makes you happy, being healthy, and living with confidence in you, your body, and what you’re capable of, without caring what others think, you are undeniably #UnguardedandUnbothered 

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