What to do When You’ve Lost Motivation?

We’ve all been there: you’ve simply lost motivation towards something. Maybe the newness wears off or you’ve put in effort with little results or maybe you can’t explain it, but your attitude towards it has changed. All in all it is a very normal thing that can and does happen to many people in different aspects of life. I’m going to be straight up honest with you–I’m sort of living that situation right now and have been over the past few weeks. I still obsess over healthy eating at times so there was a point a few weeks ago that I decided to just give up healthy eating because it was too much and too stressful (which, it’s actually not I overreacted). Or I’ve been feeling plateaued over my workouts that I have been putting effort into so I started losing motivation to work hard and put in the effort. Honestly, even this blog has felt the effects of it. It’s been tougher and tougher to get on here and write blogs even though they are over topics that I could talk for days–and I mean days–about.

So where did this sudden lack of interest, so to speak, come from? Good question because honestly sometimes I don’t know. But I have theories. I think anytime we start something new, whether that be a new job, new class, new hobby, new workout routine, etc., we have that honeymoon effect. It excites us because it switches up our routine and adds a spice to our life; however, very easily, the “new thing” can blend right into the mundane schedule and suddenly lose its appeal it once had. Another possible reason is if you are putting in time, at the gym, the firm, in the kitchen, and not seeing results. This leads to the mindset that what you are doing isn’t worth it or working so you just give up. Or maybe it is working, but the results are not worth the amount of work you put in. Any of these, along with many others, could be possibilities to why you’ve lost motivation. It can be frustrating, I know. You so badly want to accomplish something or reach your goal, but that can be difficult to do when your whole mind and body screams against it. You may feel hopeless and want to give up, but you aren’t and you shouldn’t! I think there is one thing that can help a lot of us to get back on track.

Remember Why You Started! A lot of times people get so caught up in everything around them and what they’re doing that they forget WHY they are doing it, or WHO they are doing it for. Your motivation’s foundation lies exactly in why you started. Then once you answer that question, you can reassess if quitting or giving up will actually help you reach your “why”. For example, I started eating healthy so that my body would be properly fueled, I would feel better and I could live a healthier lifestyle full of energy. Giving up and filling my body with junk would not get me to any of those places that I want to be, so throwing in the towel doesn’t make sense. If you lost motivation to exercise, remember that perhaps you started so that you could run a marathon someday or so that you could be a healthier, better version by challenging yourself–either way quitting exercising will not help you reach the goal that started it all, your WHY.

Now, of course, in remembering your why, make sure your goal still makes you happy. If the reason you started makes you cringe or feel unhappy just thinking about it, then you probably need to reassess your life and goals and make some new ones. If your goal still does make your happy then find ways to remind yourself of why you started everyday. Say you’ve lost motivation to study for your pre-med classes or work every day in your job. If your ultimate goal is to have an executive job which includes your current job as a necessary stepping stone, then put up notes or other things to help remind you that this job will get you where you want to be in the future. Or if you’re tired of studying for your pre-med classes, but the reason you chose this path was to become a pediatrician and help kids, then find videos that inspire you and remind you of this. If the reason you started excites you and makes you happy, then remembering that why will ultimately get you through your slump because that is what you are working for and towards each and every day. 

However, if the motivation still seems lacking, try mixing it up. Add a new workout class into your schedule or ask a friend if they want to do a workout together. See if there are new projects you could take or be a part of that may be outside your normal work. Try a new course at school or join an organization. Try a new hobby or a new aspect of the hobby; for example, I could try to do a post where I blog-switch with another blogger to mix things up. And at the end of it all, don’t feel discouraged. If you love what you are doing and what you are working for, then you will have motivation to do what you are doing and it will be worth it. If you don’t love it or find it not worth it, then find something new to do! Life is too short to live and do things you hate.

Live a life that makes you happy because after all, that is part of being Beyoutifully Healthy!

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