Why I Became a Fitness Coach

As you’ve probably seen on my facebook and instagram posts, I have recently become an online health and fitness coach! No, there wasn’t much planning before this. Heck, I didn’t even know I wanted to or was going to until about 3 days before I became one.  I just saw an opportunity, took that leap of faith, and decided to go for it–all in! Here’s why….

So like I said there wasn’t some big planning ahead of time before I became one. I didn’t know how it would turn it, or exactly all it entailed, or even where it would take me or how I would like being one. I didn’t know any of this. All I knew was I absolutely love health and fitness and I wanted to help people by sharing my passion for it. To me, it was that simple. My insanely huge passion for all of it was enough to give it a chance, to try it out. Because I knew that it was my strength, determination, and love for everything I would be doing that would push me through and carry me on.

I also knew it wouldn’t be work. Would it be hard? Of course. Would I need to work hard? Definitely. But you see, for me, it wouldn’t be dreadful work I loathed to do like some people’ jobs are for them. Because when you are fervent about something (like I am about health, nutrition, fitness, etc.), you’ll enjoy and look forward to the work you do. I’ve already found that to be true in my first 2 weeks. I love creating meaningful posts, talking about my journey and encouraging others on theres. I enjoy talking and answering questions that are health and fitness related. I look forward watching/listening to personal development calls or videos and taking notes because I know the information is going to help me persevere, rise above obstacles, and succeed!

My ultimate dream/goal is to own my own fitness/health/nutrition business one day. I don’t know the details yet, I just know this big vision I have. So with this in mind, I found that this coaching job was perfect to get my feet wet in the industry and see if it was truly something I wanted to commit the rest of my life too. (Note, I will do so anyway personally, even if my job ends up being non-fitness related.) Sure, it was a big commitment on top of juggling school, a full-time internship this summer, workouts, etc. But I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to let me fear take me over on this opportunity. And yes, it is scary because I could fail. But I’m letting my fear motivate me to push harder, do more and ultimately I’m letting my fear drive me to success.

The biggest reason I became a coach though is because I want to inspire. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn’t give up. I believed in myself and I achieved. I want to share my passion with others to help them be motivated! I want other people to be changed by fitness like I was. I want to help those who have never tried fitness to start their journey. I want to show people who think they are on an endless road that they aren’t, and that they can and will make it. I want my story to inspire others to keep going and fighting in whatever battles they may be facing, fitness-related or not. To put it simply, I want to make an impact–make a difference–in the lives of others by sharing what I’ve been through, what I’m doing, and ultimately, the one thing that will always keep me going: my passion!

So, why did I become a coach? Ultimately, I did so because I have big dreams that I want so badly to achieve. But more importantly, I want to help other people dream big and achieve those dreams by being an inspiration for them in their own lives.

As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream if, you can do it.” Well I’ve certainly dreamed it, now stand back and watch me do it!


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