Why is Eating Healthy Hard?

As I was going through my site today, I re-read my “about me” page (haven’t done that in a while) and I saw that I wanted my blog to be a place for encouragement when being healthy gets hard. And I do, I really do because I think that is one reason people give up this lifestyle so quickly–it’s hard. But nothing worth having comes easy and honestly once you get set in your routine, in living the lifestyle the way it works for you, it gets easier. With that said, there are still times when eating healthy is difficult and I realized that I hadn’t posted many blogs regarding that topic, and I wanted to change that, so…here it is!

I’m going to give my viewpoint on when/why it’s hard, as well as my opinion of why I think many people fail at eating healthy. This will also include my tips for incorporating healthy eating into your lifestyle–to a point where it is generally pretty fluid and easy. I hope you get answers, advice, help, and encouragement from this post. Encouragement to know that it is hard, so don’t be upset if you fail; but it is worth it, so get back up and keeping work harder.

Even for someone who eats healthy on a regular basis, there are times it gets difficult and I must make the active choice to eat healthy. There are  times I’m rushed and busy, times when excuses would be easy, times when I–to put it simply–just don’t want to. Whatever your reason/excuse may be, I get that there are numerous times when it would be easy to throw in the towel. It’s hard because it’s not the easy way out such as fast-food, processed foods or just picking something up quick. It’s hard because it takes time and thinking to plan out your meals, meal prep, bring your food, etc. It’s hard because not many other people do it, so you’ll stand out. But all of these excuses are the exact reasons you should do it! Take care of yourself by feeding your body with nutritious foods, feel the increased energy and overall better-feeling you will have. It may be difficult, but it’s worth it!

Now, with that said, I 100% understand it being difficult. So please, please, please do not get discouraged, upset, mad, etc. at yourself if you fail, or aren’t perfect in eating healthy. There are times you forget to prepare and have to grab something quick, or those office treats you want to enjoy, or memories to be made–that’s why it is all about balance. But make sure to find that balance, and don’t just have that throw-in-the-towel mentality. Yes it’s important to respond to your body’s cravings, but don’t overindulge. Make active choices to enjoy yourself, but don’t say I already ate bad, screw it I’m going to eat like crap the whole day, week, month, etc. Quite honestly, when you start eating healthier, and your body gets used to it, you start cravings “unhealthy or processed foods” less. Once you get in this healthy eating habit, it becomes your lifestyle and blends right in with everything else you do on a daily basis. When it gets hard, think of how amazing it’ll feel when you reach your goal, when you feel energized and healthy, when you reach your goal weight, when you are living a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Think of that as opposed to the immediate satisfaction you would get, but that would soon coming crashing down.

My #1 tip for overcoming the difficulty of eating healthy is the number one reason people find it so hard/fail. That is: enjoy the food you are eating. People think healthy eating and immediately bland chicken, rice, and veggies comes to mind. (I’m not wrong, am I?) But healthy foods and fueling your body doesn’t have to be boring, bland, tasteless, restrictive, etc. That is one of the MOST common misconceptions people have. You can use seasonings and sauces, use healthy fats such as olive or coconut oil to add in flavor, make homemade fries/pizza instead of going out for them. There are countless healthy recipes all over the internet, making it super easy to eat healthy foods that taste good and that you enjoy.

Many times eating healthy becomes so hard because people try to make it complicated. They try to make it black-and-white thinking when in reality, it’s all about balance,finding what you enjoy and what makes your body feel good, and sticking with it. Bake some delicious spaghetti squash, make these easy breakfast swap-outs, get inspired by easy meal-prep ideas. The options are endless out there! Don’t get discouraged by how daunting healthy eating can be, you CAN do it. Instead view it as an opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle and create the best version of you/your body that you can. Find delicious tasting healthy foods/recipes and stick with them. It’s all about finding what works for you!



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